5 Quality Headphones You Can Get For Cheap

If you think you need to spend a lot of money to get yourself a good sounding pair of headphones, well you couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many great headphones under $100 you can buy if you just take the time to look around and be patient, especially online where there are so many promotions on all of the big shopping sites like Amazon for example.

But just to get you started I’ve made this list with cheap, good quality sound headphones from which you can choose. It’s like a top 5 under $100 headphones. The list is based on 2016 headphones.

#1 one on this list is the Audio-Tehnica ATH-40MX headphones which you can buy for around 90 bucks on Amazon.com. These headphones are amazing for the money you pay for them.

The design is simple, but comfortable and they’re durable. They’re foldable so it’s very easy to carry them around in a small pouch which I think you have to get separately, but that’s ok.

#2 are the Sony MDR 7506 Professional headphones which are very commonly used in broadcasting/live situations.

If you want best over ear under 100 headphones, the Sony MDR7506 are amazing. Although they’re over ear, they’re light weight. Sound quality is great, they have a good bass response and clear mids and highs.

Because they’re a closed-ear design, you get effective sound isolation and they’re very comfortable. As for the price, it’s very close to the Audio-Tehnica headphones, somewhere around $90, but for the money you pay for them they’re very high quality.

Ok moving on, #3 on our list, the Sennheiser HD 280 PRO, another over ear pair of headphones with accurate sound, an amazing bass and clear mids.

cheap headphones under 100

Just like the Sony headphones, they’re really very comfortable and they’re build with lightweight materials so your head won’t hurt even if you’re listening to music for longer periods of time.

Outside noise is very effectively isolated, first of all because the headphones have a closed-back design and second of all, the earpads completely cover your ears, and they’re very soft.

As with most over ear headphones your ears will begin to sweat at some point, this is normal. As for the design, the 280 PROs have a clean, practical look, you can tell they’re made to sound good no look good. But all-in-all they’re a great pair of headphones and they’re cheaper than the other 2 models above in the list.

And finally #4 on the list, these were once my favorite pair of headphones, the Sol Republic Tracks. They’re on ear headphones and they have a replaceable head band which comes in different colors so you can costumize your headphones the way you want them to look.

The bass response is truly amazing when you think about how little money you’re actually paying for these headphones. The mids and the highs are very clear and accurate.

They look fragile but they’re actually very durable, I’ve had mine for about 2 years and I could have easily used for a third year but I wanted something more high-end.

Anyway hope you guys enjoyed this, if you want more top lists like this just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. Have an awesome week.

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